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A note about Importing a puppy yourself from Europe........

#1. It is customary to pay for the dog in ADVANCE as well as the shipping of the dog BEFORE the dog is shipped to you in The United States.
Some Breeding Kennels will ship COD but I strongly resist our European friends doing this because Americans are NOT as trustworthy and considerate as Europeans when it comes to paying their COD debts. I find this in very bad taste!
That is why I tell our friends not to ship unless the dog and the shipping are paid for first!

#2. Have your puppy arrive on a day when you have the next several days off to spend with your new puppy.

#3. Airlines will not ship when the weather is above 80 degrees and below usually 40-30 degrees depending on wind conditions.

In Germany We Recomend

Railway Policewoman- Kathrin Freitag (Sprechen sie Deutsche bitte) **Speaks German ONLY!**
Kennels vom Krummenhäger See
OG Straelsund
Post Address: Krummenhäger Damm 5
Negast Germany
Telex:0049 3832 7606
Fax:0049 3832 7609 14

Politie Diest
Diest Police Telefoon : +32 13 350500
Fax : +32 13 322307
Michel Theysstraat 60, 3290 Diest
E-mail : poldiest@ping.be
This mail will be sent to the police-office !

Sylvia Garbrecht (Site just Updated!)
Post Address: Konradinstr.19
Berlin, Germany
Telex: 49 30 411 09 291
49 172 315 9014

Karl und Marion Füller
Kennels vom Kirschental
Post Address:
West Straße 43
Stettback Germany
Telex: 0049 09722 1296
Fax: 0049 09722 6273

Lutz and Sabine Tresper (Site Just Updated!)
Telex: 0049 304 360 1200
Fax: 0049 304 360 1201
Mobil: 0173 232 6617

Thomas Steen
Theisbrüggerstraße 13
21706 Drochtersen
Telex: 04143-910530
Fax: 04143-910531

Kennel zum Javorove Zahrady
********New Website Url********* http://www.expage.com/page/javorovezahrady
Zdenek Sedlo
Email: Zderen@iol.cz

Mr. Petr Novotny & Mr. Jiri Pokorny
Email: peta_novotny@seznam.cz
Post Address: Valdstynska 2168
27601 Melnik

Roman Kabac
Has currently for sale:
1 Bak, 2, years old, very good retrevier, he is good in searching on
fields, but also in rooms. He is quick, and has a good bite. X-Ray 0/0,
good orientation, very social dog.

2. Kris , 1, years old, good retrevier, he is good in searching on
fields, but also in rooms. He is quick, and has a good bite. X-Ray 0/1 ,
good orientation, very social dog.

3.Riky, 1 year old, good retriever that loves to search, he doesn´t like to
give up.
He is very explosive, bite is very good. X-Ray 0/1 , good orientation, very
social dog.
His Address:
Liesek 360
027 12
Slovak Republic
e-mail : kamimaro@stonline.sk
Website url: http://www.kamimaro.host.sk/

If any of these Links do NOT work, please email us and let us know, Thank you!