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Dutton Page 2


More collected information regarding the Duttons

The Original Duttons

Dutton Coat of ArmsIn the eleventh century, there were a number of people in Cheshire, England who could have called themselves De Dutton, the original family surname. That was because they all were de (from) Dutton which was originally known as Duntune, meaning town on a hill. However, it was Odard, who came to England in the train of William the Conqueror and was granted a third of the township in 10861, that first used it as his surname.

Odard probably wouldn't have been so fortunate if William the Conqueror hadn't been his great uncle and the Earl of Chester his uncle. It was the Earl, Hugh of Lupis that granted the land at Dutton to Odard. This is also why we know so much about Odard's ancestry. Both he and William were descended from Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy. Rollo, in turn, was descended from the King of Finland as described in Scandinavian sagas. The direct male Dutton line continued for some 600 years.

In about 1150, Dutton Hall was built by Sir Geoffrey de Dutton next to the Weaver River. It survived on that site, in one form or another, until 1933, when it was moved. The site is now a stud farm.

The most authoritative text on the first Duttons was written by Peter Leycester, baronet and published in 1673.  It was part of a greater volume, "Leycester's Historical Antiquites" of which a copy can be found here.  Both Peter and his wife were descendents of Odard.  Bear in mind that very little of this lineage is supported by primary evidence.  Even Peter Leycester is in doubt on one of the generations: twenty three.

Dutton Origins: Generations One - Eighteen

Most of the lineage on this page has been well documented because it contains the members of several royal houses, the most well known being that of William the Conqueror.   There are two claims to consanguinity with this lineage for Odard, the first Dutton.  One is with Emme and Ivo (Yvron), viscount of Contentin and the other as the children of William, the 4th count of Eu and Jeanne.   Neither claim is backed up with documentation. 

The first twelve generations are from a Norse legend.   Information on the succeeding generations can be found in the published books detailed at the bottom of this page.

Generation One

Fornjot, King of Finland3 lived 6th century

m unknown

  • Hler (Aegir)
  • Logi
  • Kari

Generation Two


m unknown

  • Frost

Generation Three


m unknown

  • Snow the Old

Generation Four

Snow the Old

m unknown

  • Thorri

Generation Five

Thorri, King of Finland

m unknown

  • Norr
  • Gorr
  • Goi

Generation Six

Gorr, the Sea King

m unknown

  • Heiti
  • Beiti

Generation Seven


m unknown

  • Sveithi or Sveidi

Generation Eight

Sveithi, the Sea King

m unknown

  • Halfden

Generation Nine

Halfden the Old

m unknown

  • Ivar

Generation Ten

Ivar, Earl of the Uplands

m unknown

  • Eystein Glumra

Generation Eleven

Eystein Glumra, the Noisy

m unknown

  • Rögnvald

Generation Twelve

Rögnvald (Reginald), Earl of Möre2

m Hilda, daughter of Rolf Nefia

  • Hrólfr (Rollo)
  • Thorer

Generation Thirteen

Rollo, 1st Duke of Normandy b 850 Maer, Norway d 932 Notre Dame, Rouen, France

m ca. 898 Normandy, France Popei of Bayeux, daughter of Count Berenger de Bayeux

It is also said that Rollo was given Gisela, the daughter of King Charles III the Simple of France. Rollo received the name Robert at his baptism.  He was also know as the Partrician of Normandy: a Roman title.

Generation Fourteen

William I Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy b ca. 901 Notre Dame, Rouen, France d 17 Dec 942 Normandy, France

m ca. 930 Normandy, France Liutgarda, daughter of Count of Senlis Hubert

William was murdered on the island of Picquigny in the Somme at the behest of Arnulf of Flanders.

Generation Fifthteen

Richard I, Sanspeur (without fear), 3rd Duke of Normandy b 28 Aug 933 Fecamp, Normandy, France d 20 Nov 996 Fecamp, Normandy, France

m Emma, daughter of Hugh the Great, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Paris, and Duke of France

m ca. 957 Fecamp, Normandy, France Gunnor De Crepon, daughter of Herbastus De Crepon, sister of Robertian Hugh Capet.

Generation Sixteen

William, 2nd Count of Eu b ca. 955 Normandy, France d 1025 Normandy, France

m 1021 Normandy, France Alice Lesceline de Harcourt, daughter of Turchetil b Turqueville,Normandy,France ca. 973 d 26 Jan 1057/58 buried St Pierre sur, Dives Abbey

  • Robert, 3rd Count of Eu b ca. 1022 Normandy, France
  • Gullaume (William) Busac b 1023
  • Hugh, Bishop of Lisieux b ca. 1024 Normandy, France d 1077

Richard II, the Good, 4th Duke of Normandy b ca. 957 Normandy, France d 28 Aug 1026 Fecamp, France

m ca. 1005 Normandy, France Judith of Brittany, daughter of Conan Rennes and Ermengrade Anjou

m unknown

Robert, Count of Evreux b ca. 964 d 1037 Nicaea, Turkey

m ca. 990 Agnes De Toni

  • Agnes D'Evereux b ca. 995 m Amauri de Montfort

Emma, Queen of England b ca. 975 Normandy, France d 14 Mar 1051/52, buried Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, England

m 5 Apr 1002 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, England AEthelred II, King of England, son of Edgar Peacful and Elfrida

  • Edward (St.) the Confessor, King of England b ca. 1003 Islip, Oxfordshire, England d 5 Jan 1065/66 London, England m Edith (Eadgyth) 23 Jan 1044/45, daughter of Godwin, Earl of Wessex
  • Alfred Athling b ca. 1006 d 1036
  • Godgifu (Gode) b ca. 1009

m 2 Jul 1017 Canute II the Great, King of England

  • Anutsson, King of England b ca. 1018
  • Gunhilda Cnutsson b ca. 1020
  • daughter b ca. 1022

Hedwig d 21 Feb 1034

m 996 Godfrey (Geoffrey) of Brittany, Duke of Brittany

  • Alan III of Bretaign, Count of Bretaign
  • Adela of Rennes, Abbbess St. Georges Rennes
  • Eudon
  • Emme

The only connection I can find for Emme to these parents is in a family tree created by P. H. Lawson F. S. A., Chester

Generation Seventeen

(Children of Richard II and Judith of Brittany)

Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy b ca. 1005 d 6 Aug 1027

m Jan 1027 Adela (Alix) Capet, princess of France

  • Alice of Normandy b ca. 1027 Normandy, France

Robert I, 6th Duke of Normandy b ca. 1008 d 1-3 Jul 1035 in Nicaea, Turkey

m(mistress) Herleve of Falais b ca. 1012 d ca.1050

m 1031 Estrith (Margaret) of Denmark

(Children of William, 2nd Count of Eu and Alice Lesceline de Harcourt)

Robert, 3rd Count of Eu b ca. 1022 Normandy, France d 8 Apr 1089 Normandy, France

m Beatrice de Builly

Robert, Count of Eu fought with William, Duke of Normandy at Mortemer in 1054: "On the other side of river, Robert, count of Eu, with Hugh of Gournay, Walter Giffard, Roger of Mortemer, and the young William of Wasenne, came out from their own lands to withstand the eastern incursion under Count Odo and Count Rainald. ... and when the troops of the count of Eu rapidly advanced they achieved surprise, and fought with an initial advantage which was ultimately to prove decisive.", David C. Douglas, William the Conqueror, page 68

"The Countess Lesceline and her son Robert, count of Eu, were responsible for the abbey of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, and later the same Count Robert set up the abbey of Saint-Michel-du-Tréport", Ibid. page 112

"They were the companions, and the followers, of the new aristocracy whose recent rise to power was a mark of the duchy [Normandy] from which they came. Many of the greatest figures of that nobility - such as Robert, count of Eu, Hugh of Montfort-sur-Risle, William of Warenne and Robert of Beaumont - are specifically records as having been present at Hastings, and it is known that they brought their own knights with them", Ibid. page 203

Robert also took part in William the Conqueror's 1068 campaign: "Some idea of the importance attached to these castles can be obtained by a contemplation of the men to whom they were entrusted. For these were chosen from among the most important of the Norman magnates. Thus Dover, within the special province of Odo of Bayeux, was put under Hugh of Montfort-sur-Risle. The castle at Hastings, first given in charge to Humphrey of Tilleul, was soon to be the responsibility of Robert, count of Eu.", Ibid. pages 216-217

Douglas points out that the important men to which William had granted land further distributed this land to those who had lived near them when they were in Normandy: "Similarly, among the tenants in England of Robert, count of Eu, were men whose names reveal the origin of their families in Creil-sur-Mar, Floques, Normanville, Ricarville, Sept-Meules, and Mesnires, which lie in a circle round Eu itself.", Ibid. page 270

The land granted to Robert was Hastings: "Thus the bulk of Kent was given to his half-brother Odo, and the five rapes of Sussex - Hastings, Pevensey, Lewes, Arundel, and Bramber - were bestowed on the counts of Eu and Mortain, William of Warenne, Roger of Montgomery, and William of Briouze. ...Finally, the great marcher earldoms came into being - Hereford, Shrewsbury, and Chester - and these passed to William fitz Osbern, Roger of Montgomery, and Hugh, son of Richard, vicomte of Avranches.", Ibid. page 272.

It is curious as to why Robert did not grant land to his grandson Odard (generaton 18 below) who received land in Cheshire over 200 miles to the northwest from Hugh, son of Richard, vicomte of Avranches, who may have been his uncle. If Odard did not come to England until some 20 years after the battle of Hastings, nothing may have been available at that time.

(Children of Hedwig and Godfrey of Brittany)


m Ivo (Yvron) Viscount of Cotentin (Constantine)

  • Nigel
  • Geffry
  • Odard or Huddard b ca. 1061 Normandy, France
  • Edward or Edard b ca. 1063 Normandy, France
  • Horsuin or Horswin b ca. 1066
  • Volfar or Wolfaith b ca. 1077 Normandy, France

The connection between Odard and Yvron is cited in Lysons' Magna Britannia, Vol. II.   These same children are also attributed to William, 4th Count of Eu and Jeanne.  In a family tree compiled by P. H. Lawson F. S. A., Chester,  Yvron is shown to the descended through the St. Sauveur line from Eystein Glumra, generation eleven above.

Generation Eighteen

(Children of Robert I and Herleve of Falais)

William, King of England b 1027/28

m 1053 Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandy Matilda, daughter of Baldwin V, count of Flanders

  • Robert II Curthose, Duke of Normandy b 1054
  • Richard, Dike of Bernay b ca. 1055
  • Cecilia of Holy Trinity, Abbess of Caen b 1056
  • Adeliza, Nun b 1055
  • William II Rufur, King of England b 1056/60
  • Constance b ca. 1066
  • Adela, Countess of Blois b ca 1067
  • Agatha b ca. 1064
  • Matilda
  • Hanry I Beauclerc, King of England b ca Sep 1068

Adelaide (Adeliza) b 1029 d bef. 1090

m Enguerrand III d'Aumale, count of Pontthieu

  • Adeliza

m 1053 Lambert II von Boulogne of Lens, Count of Lens

  • Judith of Normandy b ca. 1054 m Earl Waltheof

m Eudes (Odo) of Champagne, Count of Champagne

  • Stephen d'Aumale, Count of Aumale b before 1070

(Children of Robert, 3rd count of Eu and Beatrice de Builly)

William, 4th Count of Eu b ca. 1040 Normandy, France d aft. 1077

m Beatrice de Builly

m Normandy, France Jeanne or Helisinde, sister of Hugh Lupus, Count of Avranches and Earl of Chester

  • Nigel
  • Geoffry
  • Odard or Huddard b ca. 1061 Normandy, France
  • Edward or Edard b ca. 1063 Normandy, France
  • Horsuin or Horswin b ca. 1066
  • Volfar or Wolfaith b ca. 1077 Normandy, France

It is claimed that William's wife Helisinde was also the niece of William the Conqueror.  Cokayne's "Complete Peerage" (Chester, p. 164) identifies Helsinde's mother Emma de Conteville as the half sister of William.  Several sources question this relationship as well as her marrige to Richard le Goz, Viscount of Avranches.

This parentage for Odard and his five brothers has also been brought into question.   Another theory has Odard and his five brothers as the children of Emme and Ivo (Yvron), viscount of Contentin.  What is not in question is that Hugh, Earl of Chester did grant land and titles to Odard while his possible grandfather, Robert, 3rd Count of Eu did not.

Generation Ninteen


An item dug up by Carole Dutton Malisiak from Raines, F. R. Rev, "Historical Notices of the Diocese of Chester," vol. 1 in "Remains Historical & Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester." Cheshire, Printed for the Chetham Society, 1865, p 299-300.

Although unnoticed in the Domesday Survey, Stockport had been a Military Station of importance from the time of the Romans to the Norman Conquest. The Parish was very considerable and the Church had, doubtless, been destroyed by the Invaders at that epoch.   In 1173 the Castle of Stockport was held by Geoffry de Costentyn against Henry II, but it does not appear whether the Earl or Geoffry was then the possessor. It was afterwards the property of the Despensers, Earls of Winchester, and under them it was held by the Stockports, Sir Robert de Stockport occurring in a deed of the time of Richard the First, witnessed by John as Earl of Moreton.

Henry I, 5th Count of Eu, Lord of Hastings d 12 Jul 1140

m Maud

m Hermentrude

m Margaret de Champagne, daughter of William Sire de Sollei

  • John, Count of Eu
  • Stephen, Master of Templars

Generation Nineteen


DUTTON, Odard b ca. 1061 Normandy, France d Cheshire, England  - First Lord of Dutton

Generation Twenty

DUTTON, Hugh b ca. 1096 Keckwick, Cheshire, England - II Lord of Dutton

m Alice Pichard b ca. 1106

Generation Twenty One

DUTTON, Hugh b ca. 1128 - III Lord of Dutton

m Alice, daughter of Richard Prescott

Generation Twenty Two

DUTTON, Hugh b 1155 Dutton, Cheshire, England - IV Lord of Dutton

m Isabell, daughter of Hamon De Massy, Baron of Dunham-Massy and Agatha De Theray

  • Hugh
  • Thomas
  • John
  • Adam

DUTTON, Adam de b ca. 1178 d ca. 1211

m Agnes Fitzalured

  • Geoffry
  • John - buried at Warburton
  • Agatha

DUTTON, Geffrey de Lord of Rocksavage

m heiress of Clifton

m Ellen, daughter of Robert de Chedill

Generation Twenty Three

(Children of Hugh Dutton and Isabell De Massy)

DUTTON, Hugh - V Lord of Dutton

m Muriel b abt. 1191, daughter of Thomas le Despenser

(Children of Adam de Dutton and Agnes Fitzalured)

DUTTON, Sir Geoffrey de

m Alice, daughter of John de Lacy

  • Geoffrey
  • Reginald

Sir Geoffrey served in The Cursades in 1248

(Children of Geffrey de Dutton and heiress of Clifton)

DUTTON, Geoffrey

m Agnes, daughter of Hamon Masey Baron of Dunham

  • Margaret m Sir Geoffrey de Chedle d 1293

Generation Twenty Four

(Children of Hugh Dutton and Muriel le Despenser)

DUTTON, Hugh - VI Lord of Dutton

"This Hugh gave to John, his brother, the third part of all the Town of Bolinton in Maxfield Hundred, which Thomas le Dispenser gave in Free-marriage Hugoni Patri meo cum Muriela Matre mea; which Deed was made about the Year of Christ, 1234" from Leycester's Historical Antiquities

DUTTON, Sir Thomas b before 1249 d after 1268 - VII Lord of Dutton

m Phillipa, daughter and heir of Vivian de Sandon or Standon, Staffordshire

  • Hugh
  • Thomas
  • Robert m Agnes, daughter of William de Mere
  • Margaret m William Venables, son and heir of Roger Venables
  • Katharine m John, son of Vrian de Sancto Petro

Sir Thomas was Sheriff of Cheshire 1268, 53 Henry III. He died in the beginning of the Reign of Edward the First. Phillipa was a living widow 1290 and 1294.

Generation Twenty Five

(Children of Sir Thomas Dutton and Phillipa)

DUTTON, Sir Hugh of Dutton b ca. 1250 d 1294  - VIII Lord of Dutton

m Joann, daughter of Sir Vrian de Sancto Petro, vulgo Sampier d after 1298

  • Hugh b 1276
  • William m Maud, daughter of Sir Richard Stockport
  • Margaret

For the marriage of Katherine of the previous generation and Hugh of this, Cope says: 'I have no authority for this but an old pedigree'.  According to P. H. Lawson, Sir Hugh married Margaret, daughter of Sir Hugh de dsp. Risley

Generation Twenty Six

DUTTON, Sir Hugh of Dutton b 8 Dec 1276 Dutton, Cheshire, England d 1326 - IX Lord of Dutton

m Joan daughter of Sir Robert Holland of Holland, Lancashire and Maud la Zouche, a possible descendent of Henry II, King of England

  • Thomas b 1314
  • William, Parson of Thorton
  • Geffery
  • Robert

Sir Hugh was made Steward of Halton, 24 Decembris, 20 Edward II

Generation Twenty Seven

DUTTON, Sir Thomas b 1314 d 4 May 1381  - X Lord of Dutton

m Ellen, daughter of Sir Peter Thorton of Thorton-Le-Moors

  • Peter d 1362
  • Thomas
  • Lawrence d 1392
  • Edmund
  • Henry
  • William

m Phillipa, widow of Sir Peter Thorton (not the mother of Ellen)

Generation Twenty Eight

DUTTON, Edmund

m 1360 Joan Minshall d 1387, daughter of Henry Minshull de Church-Minshull

  • Peter b 1367
  • Hugh b ca. 1440
  • Lawrence
  • Thomas
  • Agnes
  • Ellen

Generation Twenty Nine

DUTTON, Peter b 1367 d 1433

m Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Sir William Butler of Beusy, Lord of Warrington

  • Thomas
  • John
  • Richard
  • Parnel
  • Elizabeth
  • Ellen
  • Sibill

DUTTON, Hugh d ca. 1440

m Petronel Vernon, daughter of Ralph Vernon of Hatton

Generation Thirty

DUTTON, John b ca. 1410 Hatton, Cheshire, England

m Mary or Margaret Athurton, daughter of William Athurton of Athurton, Lancashire

John was mayor of Chester.  He was buried at the pulpit along with his son Geoffrey.


m unknown

  • William
  • Richard
  • Edmund

Generation Thirty One

DUTTON, Richard b ca 1454 Chester, England

m Mary Mainwaring (Mainwarne)

  • Ralph


m Elizabeth Grossvenor

DUTTON, Elizabeth

m Richard Manley

The genealogy from Odard down to this generation is from Leycester's Historical Antiquities pp. 248-260.  The generations down to generation thirty nine can be found on a chart produced by P. H. Lawson F. S. A.

Generation Thirty Two


m Elizabeth Fouleshurst

DUTTON, Ralph b Chester, England

m Elanor (Elinor) Puleston, daughter of Sir Richard Puleston

Generation Thirty Three

(Children of Ralph Dutton and Elanor Puleston)

DUTTON, William

m Agnes Conway, daughter of John Conway, Flintshire

  • Hugh b ca. 1502
  • John b ca. 1505
  • Thomas b ca. 1507
  • Ralph b ca.1512
  • William

DUTTON, Richard

m unknown Percy

  • Robert
  • Brian
  • Thomas

(Children of Peter Dutton and Elizabeth Fouleshurst)

DUTTON, Sir Piers d 1546 - XVII Lord of Dutton

m Elinour Legh

  • Peter
  • Hugh
  • Rafe
  • Katherine
  • Elizabeth
  • Anne
  • Margery
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • Alice

m Julian Poyns daughter of William Poyns of Worthokiton in Essex, Esquire

Sir Piers was Sheriff of Cheshire 34 Henry 8

DUTTON, Elenor

m Randal Brereton

  • William d 1536 Found guilty of adultery with Anne Boleyn and beheaded in the Tower of London

Generation Thirty Four

(Children of William Dutton and Agnes Conway)

DUTTON, Hugh b ca. 1502 Dutton, Cheshire, England

m Catherine Wainright b ca. 1506 London, Middlesex, England

DUTTON, Thomas b ca. 1507 d abt. 1581

m Mary Taylor

  • William

Generation Thirty Five

DUTTON, John b ca. 1536

m Elizabeth Kensall (Kelsall) b ca. 1540

  • Ralph b 1562 d 1638
  • Hugh b 1566

John and Elizabeth were from Frodsham

DUTTON, Randle b ca. 1540 Frodsham, Derby, England d 1601

m Alice Williams d 1593

  • Thomas b 1553

Generation Thirty Six

DUTTON, Hugh b 1566 Woodhouses, Cheshire, England d 1626

m Jun 1598 Frodsham, Derby, England Dorothy Smith b ca. 1566 d 1628

  • Thomas b 14 Dec 1606
  • Richard b ca. 1608

Generation Thirty Seven

DUTTON, Thomas b 14 Dec 1606 Overton Township, Cheshire, England d 24 Jul 1653

m Mary Renny d ca. 1660

  • John b 1625
  • Elizabeth 1630 m Richard Smith

In her will of 4 May 1660, Mary (Renny) Dutton left the bulk of her estate to her grandson John, John's father having died before her.  Also mentioned in the will were her daughter Elizabeth, her daughter in-law Ellin (Smith) Dutton, and her two other grandsons Thomas and Robert.

Generation Thirty Eight

DUTTON, John b 1625 Overton Township, Cheshire, England d 1659

m Ellin (Elizabeth) Smith b ca. 1625

  • John b 1647
  • Thomas b ca. 1649
  • Robert
  • Rebecca

Robert may have emigrated to America as did his brother John or at least planned to.  The following is found in Henry Graham Ashmead's 'History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania', page 635:

At the southwest end of the township, extending eastward to the original Newtown Street, was a tract of five hundred acres surveyed to Robert Dutton Jan. 18-19, 1681. Dutton appears never to have lived on this estate, which subsequently passed, April 6-7, 1723, to Robert Tippring.

John emigrated in 1682.

John Dutton of Pennsylvania

Children of James Brookhart and Hannah Dutton: Edwin, Clara, and LucyIn the the 17th century, two lines of the Dutton family left Cheshire to come to America. As was the case for many other emigrants, the Dutton's were fleeing the religious persecution that came with being Quakers. Although unproven at this time, it is thought the first to come was John Dutton and his wife Mary, who emigrated with their children to New England in 1630 where their line became known as the Dutton's of Massachusetts.  It is known for certain that their son Thomas was living in Reading Massachusetts in 1648.  For more information on this line, see the links at the bottom of this page.

In 1682, John Dutton with his wife, Mary Darlington, and their four children came to America and settled on a 500 acre tract in Aston Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania which was adjacent to Philadelphia County. This line, which became known as the Duttons of Pennsylvania, is the one that is documented here.

The first two links below contain information regarding the likely ancestors of these two Dutton families and ancient origins of the first Dutton, Odard.

Dutton Origins: Generations One - Eighteen

The First Duttons: Generations Nineteen - Thirty Eight

Generation Thirty Nine

DUTTON, John b 1647 Overton Township, Cheshire, England d 4 May 1693 Aston Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

m ca. 1674 Mary Darlington b ca. 1650 d 1717 Aston, Chester, Pennsylvania

  • John b 25 Oct 1675
  • Thomas b 1 May 1679
  • Elizabeth b ca. 1680 d. 23 Oct 1682 Delaware County, Pennsylvania (her death is recorded by the Chester Monthly Meeting)
  • Edward
  • Robert

John came to America in1682. The Surveyor General directed the following order to his deputy in Chester County (a.k.a. Upland):

By order and Directions from the Governor for setting out Lands to the Purchasers in Pennsylvania, &c; I hereby Authorize thee to survey or lay out to Tho: Rowlands' assign four handred and eighty acres on the western side of Upland Creek, next to Nathanield Evans; and next lay out to John Warel two hundred and forty acres; and next lay out to John Neild two hundred and forty acres; and next John Edge, one hundred and twenty; and return to me true Duplicate of the ffield work and Protrracted ffigures which are to remain in my office. (Dated the 10th of ye 7 mo.,1682)

The following return was made:

October the 8th 1682. Laid out for John Dutton 500 of Land on the west side of Upland creek, beginning at Nathaniel Evans' corner tree, &c.

Mary Dutton's mark: Mary Dutton-1712.GIF (741 bytes)

After John's death Mary married John Neeld (also Neild or Neald)

Generation Forty

(Children of John Dutton and Mary Darlingtion)

DUTTON, John b 25 October 1675 Overton Township, Cheshire, England d ca. 1736 Delaware County Pennsylvania

m 11 Oct 1704 Elizabeth Kingsman b 6 Sep 1685 d ca. 1745

  • John b ca. 1705
  • Hannah b ca. 1707 d 31 Dec 1782 m 29 Aug 1730 Chichester Monthly Meeting Nathaniel Scarlet, son of Humphrey Scarlet and Ann Richards
  • Mary b ca. 1709
  • Kingsman b ca. 1711
  • Jacob b ca. 1713
  • Joseph b ca. 1715
  • Robert b ca. 1717
  • James b ca. 1719
  • Issac b ca. 1721
  • Amy b ca. 1723

John_Dutton_1712.GIF (1871 bytes)Elizabeth_Dutton-1712.GIF (2065 bytes)

DUTTON, Thomas b 1 May 1679

m 14 Feb 1701 Leusy Barnott b 2 Feb 1681, daughter of Richard and Frances Barnard of Aston

  • Thomas b May 1702 d Oct 1728
  • Rebekah b 19 Aug 1709 d Oct 1731
  • Richard b 8 Oct 1711
  • David b 28 Dec 1713/4
  • Lydia 14 Feb 1716
  • Jonathan b 11 Jun 1721
  • John 6 Jul 1721
  • Mary b 6 Jul 1721
  • Sarah b 22 Aug 1725

Thomas Dutton-1712.GIF (1732 bytes)

DUTTON, Edward

m 11 Jun 1701 Concord, Pennsylvania Gwin Williams (the marriage date is for the couples second declaration of their intention to marry.  This was at a Monthly Meeting held at Nicholas Pyle's)

  • Mary
  • John
  • William

DUTTON, Robert

m 9 Dec 1707 Chichester, Pennsylvania Ann Brown

  • Mary 15 Aug 1708
  • Ann b 10 Oct 1711
  • Robert b 26 Aug 1713
  • Elizabeth b 25 Jan 1722 m 20 Feb 1742 East Nottingham Monthly Meeting Joseph England

On 15 June 1712 Robert purchased 100 acres of land from his mother, his father having died in 1693.  The land was located in Chester County and came to his father by way of Thomas Rowland who had purchased it from William Penn as is described in the deed.  Their signatures from the deed follow (not to scale):

Robert_Dutton.GIF (1798 bytes)Ann_Dutton.GIF (1859 bytes)

Generation Forty One

(Children of John Dutton and Elizabeth Kingsman)


m 4 Aug 1733 Chichester Monthly Meeting Prudence Reynolds b 16 Jan 1713, daughter of Francis Reynolds and Elizabeth Acton

  • Prudence m bef. 5 May 1755 unknown Shelly
  • John, disowned 6 Mar 1765 for marriage by a priest
  • Elizabeth m unknown Booth, disowned 5 Mar 1766 for accompanying her brother in a marriage by a priest
  • Benjamin, disowned 5 Jun 1765 on complaint of card playing
  • Isaac d 31 Mar 1795, disowned 3 Apr 1771 for marriage by a priest possibly Elizabeth Lampley
  • Henry, disowned in 1772 for absconding from his creditors.

DUTTON, Kingsman b ca. 1711 Ashton Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania d ca. 1765

m bef. 7 Jan 1736/37 Ann Routh b 1721 Chester County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Francis and Barbara Routh

KingsmanDuttonHouse.GIF (90700 bytes)

Kingsman, who was a carpenter, inherited 200 acres of land in Chichester township.   On this land he erected a  two-story brick house which was still standing in 1930 (pictured at right).  It was located near the east branch of Chichester creek, about half a mile from the south west corner of Aston township, Delaware County.  In the east gable is a stone bearing the initials D., K. & A., and the date 1753.  The ruins of a sawmill are nearby or at least they were in 1871.

Kingsman died in testate before 29 July 1765.  The probate records indicate that Ann was most likely his wife at his death as she was the administratrix of his estate.   No mention of the land that Kingsman inherited from his mother is made in the records.  It most likely was already deeded to the eldest son, possibly Kingsman. The following signature appeared on one of the records.

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DUTTON, Jacob b ca. 1713 d shortly before 16 Aug 1749 when letters of administraction on his estate were granted to his widow Hannah

m Hannah

  • Rebecca

DUTTON, Joseph b ca. 1715 d 14 Jun 1773

m 21 Oct 1742 Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith of Birmingham township

  • Mary
  • Jacob
  • James
  • Susanna
  • Hannah
  • Elizabeth
  • Joseph b Aug 1763

All of these children are mentioned in Joseph's will

Generation Forty Two

(Children of Kingsman Dutton and Anne Routh)

DUTTON, Kingsman b ca. 1737 d bef. 15 Jun 1763

m 27 Dec 1756 Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Delaware Ruth Watson d bef. 15 Jun 1763

  • Kingsman b 5 Feb 1759
  • Joseph b 1762
  • Jacob

My family records, which are 70 to 120 years old, and several other genealogies have Ruth Watson as the second wife of Kingsman Dutton of generation 41 above.  This genealogy reflects an additional generation were Ruth Watson is married to the son Kingsman Dutton of generation 41, also named Kingsman.  This contention is supported by probate records for Kingsman Dutton of generation 41 that indicate that Ann was still the wife of that Kingsman at his death (she was the administratrix for his estate).  Additionally, a probate record for Ruth (Watson) Dutton dated 15 June 1763 in Chester County has also been uncovered.  It tells us that she was a widow at the time of her death and that she had a minor son named Kingsman.  It was signed by Kingsman Dutton who almost certainly was her father in-law.  Also, Samuel Dutton,  the grandson of Kingsman (b ca. 1737), reported that his father (Kingsman b 1759) was born in Delaware (previously Chester) County which is where the Dutton land is located.

DUTTON, Francis b ca. 1745 d 1840 Shepherdstown, Belmont County, Ohio

m 17 Apr 1775 Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Delaware Hannah Talbot b Middletown Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania

  • John T. b 27 Feb 1776
  • Joseph b 1778
  • David b ca. 1781
  • Elisha
  • Jeremiah
  • Isaac

m Lydia Booth

  • Francis
  • Jacob

DUTTON, David b ca. 1756 Chester County, Pennsylvania d 1837 Harrisville, Ohio

m 1 Oct 1778 Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Delaware Hannah Rogers b 1761 Chester County, Pennsylvania d 14 Nov 1837 Harrisville Ohio, daughter of Robert Rogers and Mary Talbot who's sister was Hannah Talbot above.

  • William b 5 Nov 1780
  • Susan 24 Feb 1785
  • Mary b 15 Jan 1787
  • Robert b 2 Sep 1788
  • Sarah b 20 Jan 1790
  • David b 29 Jan 1792
  • Hannah b 19 Feb 1793 m 12 Dec 1832 Frederick County, West Virginia Phillip Alexander Bucher
  • Nancy b 18 Feb 1795
  • Asa
  • Francis R. b 20 Feb 1801

(Children of Joseph Dutton and Elizabeth Smith)

DUTTON, Jacob d 31 Aug 1791

m Jane Bishop d 24 Aug 1828, daughter of Thomas Bishop and Margaret

  • Thomas Bishop b 1 Jan 1776 d 14 Oct 1777
  • Elizabeth b 19 Jan 1778 d 4 Oct 1783
  • Margaret b 18 May 1780 d 11 Aug 1820 m Joseph Gould b 1783 d Sep 1859
  • Jacob b 3 Sep 1782
  • Joseph d 20 Feb 1822 m 8 Oct 1818 Jane Harvey b 2 Jul 1782 d 13 Jul 1846, daughter William Harvey and Mary, both of Birmingham.
  • Jane d 1847
  • James d 8 Jan 1837 m Mary Gould b 1790 d 25 Oct 1852

DUTTON, Joseph b Aug 1763 d May 1827

m Mary Davis b 17 Apr 1764 d 15 Mar 1847

  • Elizabeth b 10 Aug 1789 d 28 Nov 1865
  • Ann b 2 May 1791 m Edward Carter Johnson
  • Joseph b 10 Jan 1793 d 27 Dec 1862 Milford Delaware
  • George
  • Jacob b May 1798 d 9 Mar 1848 Michigan m Elizabeth Smith and Elmira ---
  • Mary b 6 Apr 1800 m 16 Nov 1828 Lindsey Pierce
  • Sidney Ann b 18 May 1811 m 19 Dec 1833 James Downing

Generation Forty Three

(Children of Kingsman Dutton and Ruth Watson)

DUTTON, Kingsman b 5 Feb 1759 Delaware County Pennsylvania d 24 Feb 1837 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio

m 1784 Mary Craig b 21 Nov 1763 Delaware County Pennsylvania d 1834 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio

  • James b 6 Mar 1785
  • Jane b 24 Dec 1786 Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • John b 28 Sep 1788 Frederick County
  • Kingsman b 26 Jun 1791 Frederick or Hampshire County, Virginia
  • Samuel b 8 Feb 1794
  • Craig b 19 Jun 1796
  • Mary b 6 Dec 1799 Hampshire County, Virginia
  • Ruth b 8 May 1801 Fredrick County, Virginia
  • infant b1805 d 1805

It is likely that Kingsman changed his name to Kinsman as sentiment against the King of England rose just prior to the American Revolutionary War as evidenced by the signature below.  His son's name may have also been Kinsman.

Kingsman served two tours of duty in the Chester County, Pennsylvania militia during the American Revolution.  He first enrolled in 1777 in Captain James Thompson's 7th Company of the 6th Battalion.  His second tour started in 1781 as a private in Captain James McClaskey's 7th Company of the 7th Battalion.  The information is from the records of the Office of the Comptroller General of Pennsylvania.  The records ascribe Kingsman's residence as Aston Township.

After the war Kingsman moved to Frederick County, Virginia in 1787/88.  The family then moved three or four times, staying in Hampshire County for at least five years (1794 to 1798), but ending up back in Frederick County.  In November or December of 1802, they moved to Wood County, Virginia and settled 2˝ miles up the Kanawha.  Four years later on 11 Dec 1806, they made their final move to Troy Township, Athens County, Ohio.  Kingsman and Mary are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.

According to Samuel Dutton, the Dutton's were the third family to settle in Troy Township.  They were preceded by Benjamin Hoyt who kept a tavern and Jacob Humphrey who had a house and two acres at the mouth of Four Mile Run.   At the time the area was almost all unbroken forestand and was filled with wild game.  The pioneers would hunt deer, bears, turkeys, and coons for meat.

In addition to being a farmer Kingsman was a blacksmith and barrel maker.  He also owned several pirogues and flatboats.  He and his son Samuel ran a business moving settlers up the stream as far Logan and sometimes almost to Lancaster.  

The Dutton farm was located next to the Ohio River and it remained in the Dutton family for almost 150 years.  For most of that time, the family lived in a house built on a rise that gave a view of the river.

(Children of Francis Dutton and Hannah Talbot)

DUTTON, David b ca. 1781 d 22 March 1816 Highland County, Ohio

m ca. 1798 Tennessee Phoebe Ellis b ca. 1775 d 23 July 1821 Fayette County, Ohio

  • Margaret b 4 Aug 1800 d 1 Dec 1860 Fayette County, Ohio m 1 Jan 1821 Fairfield Monthly Meeting Fayette County, Ohio John Ellis b 25 Feb 1799 Greene County, Tennessee d 11 Nov 1864 Fayette County, Ohio
  • Thomas b 1804
  • Hannah b 1807
  • Jonathan E. b 25 May 1812
  • Lydia b 23 May 1815 m 16 Aug 1848 Highland County, Ohio William S. White
  • Mary

(Children of David Dutton and Hannah Rogers)

DUTTON, Robert b 2 Sep 1788 d 20 Apr 1845 Harrison County, Ohio

m 13 Jun 1811 Harrisville, Ohio Abigail Matson b ca. 1790 d 2 Mar 1831, daughter of Nehemiah Matson

  • William b 9 Jan 1813
  • David 14 Dec 1814
  • Rachel M. b 3 Nov 1817
  • John b 1 May 1820
  • Hannah b 3 Mar 1822 d 24 Mar 1839
  • Rees b 28 Han 1825
  • Robert 10 Mar 1827

m 2 Oct 1833 Anna Wharton b 1800 d 28 Oct 1869, daughter of Ezra and Martha Wharton

  • Martha Ann b 22 Dec 1824
  • Cynthia b 14 Feb 1837
  • Erza b 7 Jan 1839
  • Hannahb 15 Dec 1840

Robert was one of the founders of Harrisville.  In addition to farming, he was a wagon maker.

DUTTON, David b 29 Jan 1792 d 1834 Washington County, Ohio

m Mary Rogers, daughter of John Rogers

  • David M. b ca. 1818

Generation Forty Four

(Children of Kingsman Dutton and Mary Craig)

DUTTON, James b 6 Mar 1785 Delaware County, Pennsylvania d 2 May 1828 Sinking Spring, Highland County, Ohio

m 25 May 1815 Pike County, Ohio Elizabeth West b 1783

  • David b 1818
  • James b 1824
  • Calvin b 1827
  • Jonathon
  • son
  • daughter
  • daughter

James and Elizabeth were reported to have had five sons and two daughters from one source. This is partially confirmed by a listing of his heirs in the will of his brother John: David Dutton, Abraham Gal, Jonathon Dutton, James Dutton, Joseph Staley, Malinda Staley, Morgan Gall, Calvin Dutton.  This would suggest four sons and three daughters assuming Malinda (Dutton) Staley was the wife of Joseph Staley and Abraham Gall and Morgan Gall were the husbands of the other two.

James moved to Ross County Ohio in the spring of 1807.  He is buried in the Suter Cemetery on the Garmar Farm presumably in Highland County, Ohio.  

DUTTON, Jane b 24 Dec 1786 Delaware County, Pennsylvania d 11 Aug 1854 Highland County, Ohio 

m 22 Dec 1808 Joel Wolfe b 10 Jul 1787 d 10 Sep 1846.

  • Reese b ca. 1815
  • Joel b ca. 1821 m Elizabeth Cassan
  • Martha b ca. 1825 Highland County m Joseph Patterson
  • Kinsman D(utton?) b ca. 1825 Highland County
  • Jane b ca. 1826
  • Russell B. b ca. 1829

Jane the Joel are reported to have had six sons and four daughters.  Only the six mentioned above are known.

DUTTON, John b 28 Sep 1788 Frederick County, Virginia d 1 Jul 1848 Athens County, Ohio

m 1 Feb 1826 Miriam Parsons b 22 Feb 1796 d 8 Jan 1840, daughter of Horace and Sarah Parsons.

John and Miriam are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery

DUTTON, Kinsman b 26 Jun 1791 Frederick County, West Virginia d 1823 Hockingport, Ohio

m 21 Mar 1822 Athens County, Ohio Nancy Paulk b ca. 1798, daughter of Cyrus Paulk and Eunice Parsons

Nancy was the sister of Susan below who married Craig.

DUTTON, Samuel b 8 Feb 1794 Hampshire County, Virginia d 7 Feb 1883 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio

m 18 Jan 1821 Nancy Brookhart b 15 Nov 1800 d 10 Feb 1861 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio, daughter of Abram and Mary Magdalene (Koehler) Brookhart

Samuel was a prominent citizen in the area.  He served several time as a township trustee from 1838 to 1854.  When Samuel was 84, he wrote a history of his father's family.  Samuel and Nancy are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.  The following signature is from a book that made its way to him through many hands.

DUTTON, Craig b 19 Jun 1796 Hampshire County, Virginia d 3 Nov 1866 Hockingport, Ohio

m 15 Feb 1825 Athens County, Ohio Susan Paulk b 16 Jun 1794 Springfield, Massachusetts d 24 Mar 1886 Hockingport, Ohio, daughter of Cyrus Paulk and Eunice Parsons

  • Ethelinda b 18 Dec 1826 d 29 Jan 1907
  • Kingsman b ca. 1828 d 6 Mar 1835 aged 7 years
  • Charles Craig b 9 Sep 1829 Athens County, Ohio d 11 Aug 1913

Craig and Susan are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery. Susan was the sister of Nancy who married Kinsman above.

DUTTON, Mary b 6 Dec 1799 Hampshire County Virginia d 4 Mar 1837 Shade, Meigs County, Ohio

m 21 Mar 1830 Thomas Bay

Mary and Thomas lost three children in infancy.  Mary and most likely Thomas are buried in the Garden Cemetery, Meigs County, Ohio

DUTTON, Ruth  b 8 May 1801 Fredrick County, Virginia d 18 Jan 1862 Hockingport, Ohio 

m 15 Jun 1824 John Leonard Sawyer b 7 Sep 1795 d 7 Oct 1859

Ruth and John are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.

(Children of David Dutton and Phoebe Ellis)

DUTTON, Thomas b 1804

m 8 Sep 1824 Highland County, Ohio Lydia Barrett b 1803 d 26 Sep 1848 Fairfield County, Ohio

  • David b 30 Mar 1826
  • Jonathan b 18 Jun 1829 Fairfield, Highland County, Ohio d 1857 Mercer County, Ohio
  • Silas b 28 Aug 1833
  • Lewis b 5 Sep 1835

Generation Forty Five

(Children of Kingsman Dutton and Nancy Paulk)

DUTTON, Craig Samuel b 1823

m 16 Oct 1850 Athens County, Ohio Martha A. Waterman, daughter of David and Maria (Eckert) Waterman

  • Maria Virginia b 27 Jul 1852 Hockingport, Ohio d 22 Mar 1938
  • Jennie M. b ca. 1853
  • Ida A. b 27 Nov 1855 Hockingport, Ohio
  • David Kingsman b 27 Sep 1861 Hockingport, Ohio
  • Estella B. b 5 Sep 1863 Hockingport, Ohio d 15 Sep 1869
  • Maud A. b 15 Nov 1870 Hockingport, Ohio

Maria and Ida appear in the 1860 census for Olive township, Meigs County, Ohio.  Ida, Jennie, and David appear in the 1870 census for the same location.  Maria may have married by then.  Jennie should have been in the 1860 census.  Martha was a teacher and the granddaughter of Dr. Waterman, a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. The wife of Dr. Waterman, was a daughter of Josiah Bartlett who signed the Declaration of Independence.

A biography of the family appears in History of Meigs County, Ohio 1838.  Craig is buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.

(Children of Samuel Dutton and Nancy Brookhart)

DUTTON, Lydia E. b 9 Jun 1824 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio d 5 Feb 1868

m 28 Nov 1847 Athens County, Ohio John Palmer b 12 Feb 1824 Washington County, Ohio d 1902

  • James Augustus b ca. 1860

John and Lydia are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.  When his mother died, James went to live with his uncle James.  When his first cousin Edwin's boys were old enough they went to live with James in preparation for attending the University of Ohio in Athens.

DUTTON, James Brookhart b 21 Nov 1821 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio d 10 May 1873 same

m 12 Oct 1853 Athens County, Ohio Hannah Humphrey b 30 June 1827 d 28 Mar 1886 Hockingport, Ohio, daughter of Isaac Humphrey

A picture of the children, taken in the late 1860's, is shown at the top of this page.  James and Hannah are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.  James' signature is from a letter James wrote to his uncle.  Hannah's signature is from her bible.  She added Athens, 26 June 1853

(Children of Craig Dutton and Susan Paulk)

DUTTON, Ethelinda b 18 Dec 1826 d 29 Jan 1907

m 2 Jan 1851 John Milton Parker b 13 Aug 1824 Berver County, Pennsylvania d 16 Oct 1905

  • Charles Craig b 22 Oct 1851
  • Addison Wilmer b Jan 1858 d 27 Mar 1955
  • Mary Eunice b 3 Oct 1857 d 1950
  • Edwin Kinsman b 29 Feb 1860 d 1940
  • Myrta b 22 Feb 1855 Hockingport, Ohio d 1938 Hockingport
  • Thomas Scott d bef. 1883

Ethelinda and John are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery

DUTTON, Charles Craig b 9 Sep 1829 Athens County, Ohio d 11 Aug 1913

m Emma C. McLane b 3 May 1832 d 5 Jan 1909

  • Nelson S. Dutton b 1862
  • Craig N. Dutton b 17 Sep 1868 d 10 Nov 1881
  • Hattie m Curt Sherman
  • Susan m Ralph Gunnell

 Charles, Emma, and their son are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery

(Children of David Dutton and Phoebe Ellis)

DUTTON, Jonathan b 25 May 1812

m 18 Oct 1832 Miami County, Ohio Elizabeth Smith

  • James Watson b 1834
  • Lawrence Dutton 1838
  • John Martin Van Buren b 15 May 1841
  • Elizabeth b 1844
  • Charles b 1849
  • Francis M. b 1850

Generation Forty Six

(Children of Craig Samuel Dutton and Martha Waterman)

DUTTON, David Kingsman b 27 Sep 1861 Hockingport, Ohio

m 22 Aug 1895 Jerusha Letcher Gray b ca. 1857 Augusta County, Virginia

  • Irene
  • Harold Allen
  • O. Lee Dutton

David and Jerusha were married in Woods County, West Virginia by H. Cofer. The license was granted the day previous to the marriage. David is listed as 33, Jerusha as 38.

(Children of James Dutton and Hannah Humphrey)

DUTTON, Clara Elizabeth b 21 Jun 1857 Hockingport, Ohio d 7 Apr 1892 Hockingport, Ohio

Clara ran a millinery shop in Hockingport, Ohio.  She never married and is buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.  The signature is from a school book she used.

Clara_E_Dutton_Signature.GIF (579 bytes)

DUTTON, Edwin Augustus b 26 Feb 1859 Hockingport, Athens County, Ohio d 31 Jan 1936 Columbus, Ohio

m 12 Nov 1884 Woods County, West Virginia Lethe Rebecca Curtis b 12 Nov 1858 d 1935

Edwin and Lethe are buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.  The signature is from a school book that Edwin shared with his sister Clara.

Edwin_A_Dutton_Signature.GIF (335 bytes)

In 1913, the Ohio River overflowed its banks and flooded Hockingport.  The river is shown near or at its height on 30 March.

DUTTON, Lucy Irene b 5 Sep 1860 Hockingport, Ohio d 23 Aug 1901

Lucy never married and is buried in the Hockingport Cemetery.  She's listed in the 1880 census as single and in the household of her mother.  The following signature is from a book she owned.

In a companion volume, Lucy added 6 May 1886 and Chicago, Ill.

(Children of Charles Craig Dutton and Emma C. McLane)

DUTTON, Nelson S. b 1862 d 12 Feb 1942

m 26 Oct 1887 Lottie Arabelle Cogshall b 8 Nov 1857 Iowa City, Iowa d 7 Oct 1939

  • John C. b 5 Aug 1888 d 22 Nov 1956

Generation Forty Seven

(Children of Edwin Dutton and Lethe Curtis)

DUTTON, Herbert Palmer b 1 May 1887 Hockingport, Ohio d 20 Apr 1947

m 16 Apr 1911 Athens County, Ohio Mary Estelle McGirr d after 20 Apr 1947

  • none

Herbert was responsible for organizing the Farm Bureau Association in Athens County.

DUTTON, Clarence Edwin b 1 May 1894 Hockingport, Ohio d Sep 1968

m 13 Jul 1922 Worthington, Ohio Helen Marie Garaghty b 25 Sep 1893 Caroll, Ohio

  • Joseph Curtis b 11 Dec 1924

DUTTON, Walter Curtis b 27 July 1889 Hockingport, Ohio d 2 Nov 1962 East Lansing, Michigan

m Marie Graham England b 20 April 1889 Logan, Ohio d 24 May 1969 San Mateo, California

Walter graduated from the University of Ohio in Athens, and was a horticulturist for Dow Chemical in East Lansing, Michigan.

(Children of Nelson S. Dutton and Lottie A. Cogshall)

DUTTON, John C. b 5 Aug 1888 d 22 Nov 1956

m 9 Sep 1916 Annie Lee Atkinson b 4 Jun 1894

  • Pauline b private m Roy Williams
  • Jessie Marie b private m Royce Fore
  • John William Dutton b private m Dora Bonnett
  • Minnie Ora b private m Donald Wood Glascock

Generation Forty Eight

(Children of Clarence Dutton and Helen Garaghty)

DUTTON, Joseph Curtis b 11 Dec 1924 Columbus, Ohio d 1 Sep 2002 Mansfield, Ohio

m 1948 JoAnn Evans d 1995

  • Steve
  • Tom
  • Debbie m Ken Prendergast
  • Cathy m Paul Goldman

Information on Joseph's family is from an Obituary that appeared in the Marysville Journal-Tribune on 8 Nov 2003.

(Children of Walter Dutton and Marie England)

DUTTON, Charles Edwin b 26 Feb 1918 Lansing, Michigan d 20 Dec 1979 Palo Alto, California

m 2 Sep 1944 San Francisco, California Ellie Hathaway Stillman

b private Manila, Philippines

Charles (Ned) was a psychologist who practiced in Stockton and Palo Alto, California.

Generation Forty Nine

(Children of Charles Dutton and Ellie Stillman)

DUTTON, Steven Stillman b private Stockton, California

m 13 Sep 1991 Hanover, Germany Klaudia Drechsler

DUTTON, Greg Bartlett b private Stockton, California

m 27 May 1978 West Linn, Washington Barbara Buchanan b Grandview, Washington

  • Travis Harrison
  • Alexander Harrison

Generation Fifty

(Children of Greg Dutton and Barbara Buchanan)

DUTTON, Travis Harrison

DUTTON, Alexander Ian

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