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Norse Rhymes


Northern Fairy Tales

Welcome to Northern Fairy Tales, a series of original and adapted tales by Jim Johnston. Here we are striving to bring you fairy tales that are distinctly Northern and that convey Northern ideals. At the end of most tales that have been adapted you will find a link to the original tale that the adaptation was taken from. We hope you and your children find them useful and enjoyable. If you would like to contact Jim and let him know what you think or give us your comments or suggestions you can do so at info@northvegr.org and we will forward your message to Jim. We look forward to hearing from you.

>> The Child of the All-Mother
>> Fenris Wolf and the Seven Goats
>> Lustig the Godhi
>> Gambling Geoffrey
>> Howard and the Gnome
>> The Goose-Girl

>> Master Alaric
>> The Gift from the Old Man of the Hill
>> The Jotun and the Tailor

>> The Raven, Lenore
>> The Fox and the Horse
>> The Dog and the Sparrow
>> The She-Wolf and the Fox
>> The Singing Bone
>> Surtr's Three Golden Hairs
>> The Fox and the Cat
>> The Good Bargain
>> The Wise Swineherd
>> Helga Sans Hands
>> Clever Richard
>> Dummling and the Golden Goose
>> The Three Languages
>> All-Kinds-of-Fur
>> Old Shep
>> Stolen Farthings
>> Fitcher's Bird
>> Every Ninth Step
>> King Thrushbeard
>> Eisen Jįrn
>> Clever Helewidis
>> The Frog King, or Iron Haimirich
>> True Turlough
>> The Blue Lamp
>> The Troll and Farmer Brown
>> My Darling Binden

© 2004-2007 Northvegr.

Jim Johnston's Norsery Rhymes

Welcome to Norse-ery Rhymes by Jim Johnston. We hope you and your children enjoy these Nursery Rhymes with a distinct Norse Heathen flavor. If you you have any comments or would like to make suggestions please feel free to contact us at info@northvegr.org and we will pass your message on to Jim..

> Page 1
      Three Blind Aes
      Baa Baa Red Goat
      Thor and Sif
      Three Little Jotuns
      Hod Be Careful
      Where Would Ymir Go?
      Oki Loki
      Good King Lif
      Ding Dong Dwarf
      Norse Counting Song
      Heimdall the True

> Page 2
      Simple Hymir
      Who Killed Bright Balder?
      The Wise Old Erl of Smoke
      Huginn Put the Cauldron On

      Bifrost Bridge is Falling Down
      Little Loki Flinders
      This Little Jotun
      I Saw Long Ships Come
          Sailing By
      How Many Leagues to
      Utgard-Loki’s Gone to Sea
      Bragi Braggart

> Page 3
      Cock A Doodle Doo!
      Friyja's Boar
      Gullveig, Gullveig
      Pussycat, Pussycat, Where
         Have You Been?
      Take a Quick Step to
      The Northern Lights
      The Walls of Asgard
      There Was an Old She-Wolf
      This is the World of Midgard

> Page 4
      The cock’s on the World-tree
         a-Blowing his Horn

      Sable Black Raven
      Odin had a Fearsome Wolf
      Loki's Recipe for Dis-Ęs-ter!
          Or ‘Insert Spear Here'

      An Alphabet  New!

> Page 5  New!
  Vali and Vili
        Rhyme and Rune
        When Aegir went sailing
        Knarrs in the Night
        Vidar and Magni
        Two Rivers
        The Swastika and the Sun-Wheel

> Page 6
        Round and Round in Midgard
                (A Rhyme with Actions)
        Ęsir Wot I 'Ave Met
        Crying Over Spilt Mead
        Futhark Tumble
        All But Mute
        Aurvandil's Toe
        Playing Odin at Chess

> Page 7   New!
        Miscellaneous Rhymes

> Page 8   New!
        More Miscellaneous Rhymes

© 2004-2007 Northvegr.