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Welcome To The Wright/ Webb Family Website!

Good Morrow Kind Sir or Madam!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our most humble Wright/ Webb Family Website today!
If you have been to our old and outdated Myfamily.com website, this one far surpasses that one because we have more webspace, more room to add cool family pics, and have the freedom to share the link with others so we can meet new Family members and friends all over the world! This genealogy data is from saving ten years of visits to the public library and help from genealogists worldwide.
Also if you see a Family Name that connects you to our family, please email us and let us know, as it is always good to meet new relations! So far I have met over a hundred cousins linking us all through the Dutton Family lineage and every day more relations are being born.

A Little About Myself:
I have always been very interested in Norse Viking Lore and embarked on an adventure in 1995 to try my hand to write a Viking Romance Novel. Shortly after that I became interested in Re-enacting at Ren-fests and medieval fairs. I love the Tudor period of History and Queen Elizabeth I is a great hero of mine.
I have always been deeply involved with Native American Shamanism and Native American Culture and Ceremonies as well as Ancient Norse Rune Making, Rune Readings, Astrology, and Tarot Cards.

In 1997 out of the blue I became interested in Genealogy and soon after discovered that I am descended from 19 Generations of Decorated Knights, some of the Bravest Viking Kings from Denmark, Uppsala and Varmland Sweden, as well as Finland and Norway. This of course explained my love for making Hand crafted Runes and making my own brand of Mead. I was of course sadly disappointed when I discovered that our family was among the Army that was to be the final demise of Joan of Arc.
So please take a moment to look around my humble site,
and feel free to sign our most humble guestbook when you have completed your journey.
Great Blessings  and Good Morrow to you,
Aho Mitakuye' Oyasin,

Eva "Ladyhawk" Wright and Family!



Our Website has recently been
Updated as of 2009. So please stay tuned for more exciting photos!
Thank You,