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Viking/ Norse Religion

The Religious Practices of the Pre-Christian and Viking Age North

by Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir
© 2003

 Religious Practices of the Pre-Christian and Viking Age North
    a. Introduction
    b. The Vé
 The Hof
 Stave Churches
 The Hörg
 Holy Groves
 Holy Trees
 Holy Stones
 Holy Mountains and Hills
 Holy Rivers, Lakes, Bogs, Springs, etc.
 Descriptions of Holy Places
 Pillars, Posts and the Irminsul
    c. Holy Ground
    d. Images of the Gods
    e. The Blót-feast
 Blót Feast Descriptions
 The Procession
    f. The Full
    g. The Solemn Oath
    h. Hallowing
 Facing North
    i. Gifting
    j. Prayer
    k. Animal Sacrifices
    l. Holy Fire and Holy Water
 Salt Springs
 The Need-Fire
    m. The Landvćttir
    n. The Annual Feasts
    o. The Harvest Feast
 The Álfablót
    p. Winter Nights
    q. Jól
 The Wild Hunt
 The Oath Boar
    r. Class, Location and the Tides
    s. The Spring Rites
 Sigrblót/Summer Finding
 Ostara (Eastre/Easter)/Walpurgis Day/May Day
 Rites of Spring Summary
    t. Sun's Wending (Midsummer)
    u. Feasts Held Regularly At Longer Intervals
    v. Timekeeping
 The Two Great Seasons
 The Turning of the Moon
 Nights Before Day
 Day Names
 Month Names
    w. Modern Practice
 The Holy Enclosure
 Rules for Holy Ground
 Images of the Gods and Goddesses
 The Need-fire
 The Blót-feast and the Full
 The Solemn Oath
 When To Blót
 Blót Activities
    x. Conclusion
    y. Footnotes (page 1)
        Page 2
        Page 3
        Page 4
        Page 5

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